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baking is love


and love should be shared

Hi! I'm Melissa

a self-taught gluten free baker.

I bake gluten free treats that are as good or better than those containing gluten. I endeavor to make gluten free eaters and celiac folks feel special by treating them to beautiful and delicious desserts. In fact, my favorite thing is baking cakes, cupcakes, pies and tarts for special occasions. I hope you think of me for your next party or celebration!

The story of Sweeternative Baking.

It began long before I ever sold a thing. Like many other gluten free bakers, it began with a medical issue. After a strict elimination diet I discovered that gluten was the main trigger for my migraines and immediately cut it out of my diet. I have been gluten free since 2011.


Baking has always revolved around family for me.

It began with fond childhood memories of baking cookies with my mom, then as I got a bit older, it was a plate of cookies baked for my high school crush (who later became my husband), and now I have the joy of baking with my own daughters. Baking is how I show and share love.

I aim to master my craft.

After cutting gluten out of my diet, I was determined to figure out how to bake gluten free cookies that tasted just as good as the ones I used to bake with wheat flour. Experiencing success with a couple recipes motivated me to keep experimenting, finding more gluten free recipes to add to my repertoire. I continue to grow and learn, with the goal of creating delicious and beautiful treats that both gluten eaters and gluten intolerant will enjoy. Let's keep everyone at the table!

I can't wait to meet you and hear about your favorite gluten free treats.

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